• Healthcare reform is a noisy and confusing challenge for businesses to continue providing quality benefits for employees. Affiliated Services LLC offers a simpler process, smarter solutions, better results for you.

Strategic and Consultative

Healthcare Reform is a noisy and confusing challenge that business owners, benefit managers and HR Professionals will have to overcome to maintain quality employee benefits. Understanding how to buy benefits is not a skill taught in a college or university classroom. For most, buying is learned through experience and buying has become an annual decision. The lack of knowledge and a one year buying perspective may be the most harmful approach affecting a company's purchasing and ability to compete in employee benefits within their industry.

Our Producer/Consultants are committed to educating our clients on how to purchase healthcare benefits effectively. We listen to our clients to determine their goals and objectives and assist them in developing a "Healthcare Management Strategy."  This strategy is a plan for the next 3-5 years of how the company will address the cost and selection of benefits each year as the economics and demographics of the company change. This allows our Producer/Consultants to focus on providing client based solutions as a part of the Healthcare Management Strategy developed with each company.

Once the Healthcare Management Strategy has been developed, the Producer/Consultant will assist the employer in conducting a company wide employee wellness survey. The survey is done on a confidential basis so the employer will not have access to any employee's personal information. The surveys are then submitted to our underwriting team for review and analysis. Based upon the surveys the Producer/Consultants will be given information on how the plan is currently being used, what product designs are appropriate for the group, and what wellness programs and communications would be beneficial for the company to implement as a part of benefit plan.

With this information, any recommendations made by a Producer/Consultant to a client will be based upon current data, and the Healthcare Management Strategy, not assumptions and guesses. As a part of our commitment to transparency any recommendations made will provide full and complete financial disclosure.

The insight this process provides an employer is very valuable in making important decisions about benefits and may be the difference in recruiting and retaining employees. We are dedicated to providing the leadership for change in healthcare, innovation and technology to improve the experience for the employers and employees that we serve.

It's time to clear the clutter with strategic solutions to keep your employees and business moving forward. Join us as we change employee benefits.