• Our technology and innovation provides employers and their employees proprietary, web based solutions and tools to improve the management, administration and delivery of employee benefits.

Simplify Group Benefits

We recognize the increasing work load that employee benefit managers face in today's fast paced business environment. We provide ane-Services platform that combines all of the different carriers and coverage's in one system that allow you to make changes and access information in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

AAOA e-Services is an online system that allows group administrators to quickly and conveniently manage group benefits to help reduce stress and save time. Using a unique log-in, group administrators have access to online administration functions such as adding or deleting employees, submitting change of addresses and requesting I.D. cards. Also available online are all employee enrollment and change forms, claim forms, and HIPAA information release forms. Links are included to benefit plan summaries, and group specific documents such as current group invoice, group administration manual, group certificate of coverage (COC) and group approval letter.