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Wellness Solutions

Assessing the overall wellness of a company is the key to selecting the right employee benefits. Too often companies select benefits by assuming how employees are utilizing the plans. This is a major cause of employee dissatisfaction with their benefit plan. Without knowing how or what benefits employees are using, an employer cannot be sure they are selecting the right benefits or implementing the right Wellness Programs for their company.

With e-Wellness we conduct a confidential Wellness Survey of the employees through our secure website. The website makes it safe, secure and easy for employees to complete the wellness survey. The information is then analyzed by our underwriters and we develop a wellness profile for the company. Producer/Consultants then review the summary information with the group to recommend benefit plans, communications and wellness approaches based upon the wellness survey findings about the group and not assumptions.

This wellness information is also an important source of data our Wellness Champion will use to customize a Wellness Plan for your company.