• HR services is a suite of tools, resources and HR solutions for AAOA member groups. Fully integrated HR services allow your business to streamline your HR department, allowing you more time to develop your business.


HRresourcing - An HR Leader's Best Strategic Asset

A Resourceful Way to Supplement an Internal HR Team
HRresourcing offers a cost effective and efficient way to add incremental HR resources to get the work done. HRresourcing is the internal HR manager's most flexible way to add talented HR support. Used as an adjunct to a successful, fast-moving HR team or solo practitioner, HRresourcing provides additional support in a more cost effective and flexible manner than hiring additional staff.

Two Levels of HRresourcing Services

Administrative & Transactional HR Services
An administrator-level HR practitioner works with an HR team to provide daily tactical support such as: applicant tracking, new employee on-boarding, leave of absence administration, and maintaining files.

Strategic HR Services
A senior-level HR professional works in partnership with an HR leader on strategic planning, policy development, or new approaches and tools to improve processes.