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Wellness Profiles

Developing a Wellness Profile for your company is the key to effectively selecting and purchasing employee benefits today. Through the use of our Wellness Surveys, we are able to assess a company to appropriately price benefits, make benefit recommendations and assist employers in developing the right wellness and communication plans to improve the overall health of their work force. The wellness surveys allow underwriters to clearly identify how employees are accessing and utilizing the benefits. This eliminates employers being required to choose plan designs blindly with no information of how employees are actually using the employee benefit plan.

In the past this type of service was expensive and limited to only large employers. Affiliated Services pioneered the Wellness Profile system in 2002 for companies with 2-200 employees. The creation of this system leveled the playing field in employee benefits by giving smaller employers the same tools as the big companies without large capital outlays.

We are committed to the privacy of the information submitted. We provide companies the ability to complete the Wellness Surveys on paper or through our secure online portal e-Wellness. The information collected is only used for developing the Wellness Profile of a company and the individual information is never provided to the employer, benefit manager, or any other company.